Past challenges in Teaching Psychology have involved the transition from a 5-year Diploma course towards a 3-year BSc course followed by a 2-year MSc course. This transition was implemented in Jena in 2007-08, and was completed by 2012. More recently, from 2020-21, we implemented the polyvalent B.Sc. in Psychology. At the Master level, we will switch to a new curriculum for the M.Sc. in Psychology – Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (“M.Sc. CPCN”) from 2023-24. In addition, our team contributes selected courses to teaching in the M.Sc. in Psychology – KLiPPT (Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapy – Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy), and to the M.Sc. in Psychology – ABERG (Psychologie in Arbeit, Bildung, Entwicklung, Recht und Gesundheit – Work, Education, Development, Law and Health).