Research Seminars in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience


Research Seminars in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience is our colloquium for Diploma and PhD students, staff members as well as students in our research-orientated small group courses. Apart from discussing research done within the department in Jena, this colloquium regularly features some “highlights” – talks by eminent scientists from other universities or institutions to present the current progress of their research. To see an abstract of each presentation, click on the talk title (where available).

Time: Tuesday, 14.15 – 15.45 (if not indicated otherwise)
(p) Seminar Room 009, Am Steiger 3/1
(z) zoom meeting ID: 962-031-3096, no password requiered

Research Seminars at the Steiger will be marked with (p), online seminars with (z).
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07.02.2023 (p). Emotion perception in cochlear implant users. Celina von Eiff, FSU

31.01.2023 (p). Context effects in multilingual language processing. Helene Kreysa, Jena / Laura Sperl, Hagen

24.01.2023 (z). The JVLMT: Further Validation Studies. Romi Zäske, FSU

17.01.2023 (cancelled). Mental representation of action. Lynn Hustegge, Würzburg

10.01.2023 (p). Effects of unidirectional distinctiveness and stereotypical information on the own-“race” bias. Jürgen Kaufmann and My Huyen Tran, FSU

13.12.2022 (p). Shaping Ageing Attitudes through Childrens´ Books. Lea-Emilia Schenker, FSU

06.12.2022 (p). Introduction to EEG data analysis with Brainstorm targeting the Mirror Neuron System. Samaneh Dastgheib, FSU

29.11.2022 (p). The MotionComposer: A machine which converts human motion into music. Robert Wechsler, Weimar/Chemnitz

22.11.2022 (-). No presentation (Reserved for Preparations – Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften on Nov 25)

15.11.2022 (-). No presentation (Reserved for Preparations – Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften on Nov 25)

08.11.2022 (p). BodyCam-Projekt Thüringer Polizei (in German). Ulrike Kruse, FSU

01.11.2022 (p). Presentation of new published papers of the Department (5-minute presentations each). Christine Nussbaum, Celina I. von Eiff, Linda Ficco, Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

25.10.2022 (p). Report zur Summer School “Wissenschaftskommunikation“ (in German with English slides). Christine Nussbaum, FSU

18.10.2022 (p). Initial Scheduling Meeting / News / Team Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

12.07.2022 (p, DSI). Love stinks: the association between body odors and romantic relationship commitment. Mem Mahmut, Sydney

28.06.2022, 14.15 (p, DSI). How the “hunger hormone” ghrelin influences social reward. Uta Sailer, Oslo

28.06.2022, 10.15 (z, DSI). Display rules, expressive suppression, and socioemotional wellbeing during COVID-19. Amy Dawel, Canberra (abstract)

21.06.2022 (z, DSI). Are musicians better able to read others’ emotions? Evidence from cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Cesar Lima, Lisbon

17.06.2022, 12.15 (p). Can cochlear implants in old age reverse cognitive decline due to hearing loss?. Maria Huber, Salzburg

14.06.2022 (z, DSI).Behavioural variables and neural networks underlying helping behaviour in mice. Sanja Mikulovic, Magdeburg

31.05.2022 (z). A neuroimaging meta-analysis on empathy and theory of mind in autism. Nikol Tsenkova, Jena/Gießen

24.05.2022 (p). New diagnostic tools for assessing individual differences in person perception. Linda Ficco and Romi Zäske, FSU

17.05.2022 (p, DSI). Crosstalk of codes: phonological and orthographic contributions to speech production. Niels O. Schiller, Leiden, NL (abstract)

10.05.2022 (z, DSI). The tuning of human visual cortex neurons as reflected by fear conditioned neuromagnetic oscillatory responses. Stephan Moratti, Madrid (abstract)

26.04.2022, 17.00 (p, HS Psychiatrie). Inaugural Lecture:  Klüger als wir denken: Einführung in die Vergleichende Psychologie. Juliane Bräuer, FSU

26.04.2022 (p). Data/Paper Blitz: New papers from our department. Researchers of the department, FSU

25.04.2022, 12.00 (p, DSI). Sozio-emotionale Fähigkeiten und zugrundeliegende Hirnentwicklung – das Jugendalter als Risikophase für psychische Störungen?. Nora Vetter, Jena/Dresden

12.04.2022 (p). Initial Scheduling Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

08.02.2022.(z) Facing urbanization: Current and future research on the influence of different environments on human wellbeing and appearance. Claudia Menzel, Landau

01.02.2022.(16.15, z) Understanding the mechanisms of multimodal communication in cochlear implant users (abstract). Carly Anderson, London/Vancouver

18.01.2022.(p) Not just any body: How associations between the visual and somatosensory body influence touch perception, motor planning and embodiment. Regine Zopf, Sydney/Jena

11.01.2022.(z) Are musicians better able to read others’ emotions? Evidence from crosssectional and longitudinal studies. Cesar Lima, Lisbon, Portugal (Postponed)

16.12.2021.(JenTower) Departmental Christmas Event, Jentower 18. SRS, IC, GK, CD (time and details to be confirmed, team members only)

14.12.2021.(p) Sustainable nutrition for the planet´s future: Effects of an App-based intervention on consumption of animal products. Frieda Busch/Benita Ebersbach, Jena

07.12.2021.(p) Transformation towards sustainability – Psychological barriers and catalysts of change (abstract). Gerhard Reese, Landau

16.11.2021.(z) New papers from the Department (Paper Blitz, Review Blitz). Organizer: Jürgen M. Kaufmann. Linda Ficco, Christine Nussbaum, Laura Sperl, Jürgen Kaufmann

02.11.2021.(p) Understanding and countering the spread of conspiracy theories in social networks: Evidence from epidemiological models of Twitter data + Promoting Science in Social Media. Julian Kauk 

19.10.2021.(p) Initial Scheduling Meeting / News on the assessment of Face Matching: the GFMT2. Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU / Linda Ficco

13.04.2021. Initial Scheduling Meeting/Team meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

20.04.2021. Various Topics; Perspectives of Psychological Experimentation in the CoVid Crisis.
Team Meeting (internal; students writing MSc/BSc theses in the Dept are welcome) 

22.04.2021 (Thu). Sensory integration in person perception and social interaction – tools for basic science and intervention. Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

27.04.2021. Data Visualization (Workshop). Christine Nussbaum, FSU

06.05.2021 (Thu). Interacting with the environment: Visual attention in normal and pathological aging. Kathrin Finke, UKJ

18.05.2021. Facial Asymmetry and the Perception of Trustworthiness. Helene Kreysa/Christian Dobel

27.05.2021 (Thu). Social contagion. Veronika Engert, UKJ

03.06.2021 (Thu, 10.00). Nonverbal effecting and the give and take of social touch. Annett Schirmer, CUHK, Hong Kong

08.06.2021. First impressions from faces and voices. (Abstract) Mila Mileva, Plymouth, UK 

15.06.2021. Familiarity processing through faces and names. Ana Maria Castro-Laguardia, Havana, Cuba /Jena

24.06.2021 (Thu). The forgotten senses – social olfactory and tactile sensing despite restricted temporal and spatial resolution. Ilona Croy, FSU

01.07.2021 (Thu). JNS papers material, precise title tbc. Gyula Kóvacs, FSU

06.07.2021. Real-life outgroup exposure, self-reported outgroup contact, and the other- ́race ́-effect. Marleen Stelter, U Hamburg/FU Hagen

15.07.2021 (Thu). The dynamics of emotional perception and expression. Christian Dobel, UKJ

09.02.2021. Topic tbc: Power analysis tools OR Empirical research presentation. Christine Nussbaum, FSU

02.02.2021. Writing retreat: Feedback and perspectives. Romi Zäske/Stefan R. Schweinberger/Team, FSU

26.01.2021. Categorical perception of familiarity and ethnicity / “race” : ERP data. Pauline Gürtler/Jürgen M. Kaufmann, FSU

19.01.2021. Challenges in motor skill change. Laura Sperl, FSU

12.01.2021. Serial dependence in aesthetic judgments – a mere response bias?. Pik Ki Ho, FSU

15.12.2020.(z) Familiarity is familiarity is familiarity: Event-related potentials reveal qualitatively similar and reliable responses to personally familiar and famous faces. Holger Wiese, Durham/UK

08.12.2020.(z) Predicting the outcome of sSocial interactions. Juliane Bräuer/Theresa Epperlein, FSU

01.12.2020.(z) The effect of adaptation to caricatures and anti-caricatures in auditory perception of emotion. Jonas Marquardt, FSU

24.11.2020.(z) Social Cognition: Mechanisms, plasticity and lessons to be learnt from autism. Isabel Dziobek, Berlin

17.11.2020.(p) Öffentliche Vorlesung Personenerkennung anhand der Stimme – Mechanismen und neuronale Korrelate. Romi Zäske (Rosensäle, kleiner Sitzungssaal, 13.45, nur auf Anmeldung bei Romi Zäske), FSU


03.11.2020.(z) Initial Scheduling Meeting/Team meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

14.07.2020. Acoustic correlates of perceived personality in voices and more. Verena Skuk (tbc)

07.07.2020. Language and Communication during Societal Threats or Epidemic Crises / Human Interaction Research & Jena´s perspective as a future Center for Psychological Health. Helene Kreysa, FSU / Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

30.06.2020. tba

24.06.2020. Introduction to Systematic Reviews. Samaneh Dastgheib

23.06.2020. Introduction to Activation Likelihood Estimation (ALE) Metaanalysis. Linda Ficco

16.06.2020. No event

09.06.2020. Journal/Book Chapter Club.

02.06.2020. Open Science, Version Control Software. Christine Wulf, Resource Data Management, Team

26.05.2020. No event

19.05.2020. Face and Voice Perception: Commonalities and Differences. Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

12.05.2020. Team meeting: Perspectives of Psychological Experimentation in the CoV Crisis. Bettina Kamchen, Stefan R. Schweinberger, All

05.05.2020. Initial Scheduling Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, FSU

07.01.2020. Development of gender and age perception in cochlear implant users. Verena Skuk, Jena

28.01.2020. Assessing sexual orientation on the basis of faces and voices. Helene Kreysa/Sven Kachel/Dorothee Scheffel, Jena/Landau

21.01.2020. Stability of facial and vocal first impressions. Romi Zäske, Jena

14.01.2020. FSU Mittelbau Open Science Get-Together. External

07.01.2020. No event

17.12.2019. Swiss Center for Affective Science Research Sabbattical Report. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

10.12.2019. Department’s Christmas Party

03.12.2019. On deceiving distinctiveness or why we should rethink the other-“race” effect. Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena

26.11.2019. TAC PhD progression meeting, Team Meeting (internal).

19.11.2019. Workshop Research Data Management (includes Data Blitz: JESS database, by Romi Zäske). Roman Gerlach/Petra Steiner, Jena

12.11.2019. Parameter-specific facial and vocal morphing: Perspectives for basic science and applications. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

05.11.2019. Forensic Anthropology – special regard to image identification. Sebastian Schenkl, AG Bildidentifikation/Anthropologie Rechtsmedizinisches Institut, Jena

29.10.2020. No event

22.10.2020. Dissociated face, word, and landmark-selective intracerebral responses in the ventral occipito-temporal cortex. Simen Hagen, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

15.10.2020. Initial meeting and talk scheduling. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena, Germany.

09.07.2019. Conflict or Cooperation – How can social emotions shape interpersonal and intergroup behavior? (tbc). Olga Klimecki, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Geneva, Switzerland.

02.07.2019. Familiarity effects on the face-related steady-state visual responses: A cross-cultural study. Charlotta Eick, Jena.

25.06.2019. Eyetracking and information search in an intergroup prisoner‘s dilemma. Helene Kreysa & Steffi Hechler, Jena.

18.06.2019. Mental representation of multilingualism. Laura Sperl, Jena.

11.06.2019. The role of individual differences in face recognition skills for eyewitness reliability. Ulrike Kruse, Jena.

04.06.2019. A longitudinal study of acoustic-phonetic variability in infant- and adult-directed speech. Melanie Weirich, Jena.

21.05.2019. Face perception impairments in developmental prosopagnosia. John Towler, Swansea University, UK.

14.05.2019. Team meeting (internal meeting, Allgemeine Psychologie I).
note: 1:45 pm

30.04.2019. Imitation recognition in domestic dogs. Theresa Epperlein, Jena.

09.04.2019. Initial meeting and talk scheduling. Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena, Germany.

05.02.2019. Showing behaviour in domestic dogs: Conversational history and communication strategies. Melanie Henschel, Jena.

29.01.2019. The Role of Timbre and Fundamental Frequency in Vocal Emotion Adaptation. Christine Wulf, Jena.

22.01.2019. Self-Perceptions of Aging and Everyday Well-Being. Jennifer Bellingtier, Jena.

15.01.2019. P200 and N250 – Two ERP components which selectively reflect distance-to-norm in face space and individual recognition of known faces. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena.
note: due to unforeseeable circumstances, the scheduled presentation „Imitation recognition in Domestic Dogs“ by Theresa Epperlein has been cancelled. This presentation will be given later in the year (at the beginning of the summer term).


18.12.2018. Department´s Christmas Party (tbc). No scientific event.

11.12.2018. Beyond ERPs: what can be done with multivariate analyses of the EEG signals? Geza Ambrus/Gyula Kovács, Jena.

04.12.2018. Improving the Impact of Psychological Research: Considering The Human Information Processing System for Visualising Complex Data Sets. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena.

27.11.2018. No event.


13.11.2018. Socio-emotional traits – Recent discoveries and advances in measurement. Sally Olderbak, Ulm.

06.11.2018. Processing verbal messages in communicative situations. Rasha Abdel Rahman, Berlin.

16.10.2018. Initial Scheduling Meeting/ Team meeting: Implications of DSGVO Regulations for Psychological Research. Stefan R. Schweinberger/ Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena, Germany.

10.07.2018. Don’t look away – Effects of an instructor’s direct and averted gaze on cognitive
Maria Glaser/Helene Kreysa, HU Berlin/FSU.

03.07.2018. Current Developments in Psychological Research. Part II: “The New Statistics”. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena.

26.06.2018. Language and social cognition in typologial perspective. Volker Gast, Dept of English and American Studies Jena.

19.06.2018. Current Developments in Conducting and Publishing Psychological Research and their Implications. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena.

12.06.2018. How Bodies and World Meet in Tangible and Embodied Interactions: Tactile, Kinaesthetic, and Somatic Experience. Eva Hornecker, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

05.06.2018. Perception of Emotional Expression in Voices by Cochlear-Implant Users. Celina von Eiff, Jena.

29.05.2018. Motor-cognitive dual tasking. Erika Künstler, UKJ Jena.

15.05.2018. The big nose bias, or when distinctiveness hinders face learning: Evoking an other-race effect with selectively manipulated same-race faces. Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena.

08.05.2018. Team Meeting. 13.45 +

24.04.2018. The Pivotal Involvement of Brainstem and Midbrain Structures in Cognitive Control. Stefanie Köhler, Jena.

17.04.2018. Mechanisms of Voice Processing: Evidence from Autism Spectrum Disorder. Stefanie Schelinski, Leipzig

10.04.2018. Initial Scheduling Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena.

30.01.2018. Implicit memory for content and speaker of messages heard during slow-wave sleep.  Romi Zäske, Jena

23.01.2018. Neurophysiological correlates of typicality in norm-based multidimensional face space: the role of familiarity and distance to norm.  Stella Färber, Jena

16.01.2018. Cooperation in dogs and wolves.  Juliane Bräuer, Jena

9.01.2018. Predictive models of cultural diffusion. Olivier Morin, MPI-SHH Jena

12.12.2017. Training-induced cortical plasticity of face-sensitive ERPs in older adults.  Katharina Limbach, Jena

12.12.2017. Training individuals with poor face recognition skills using selective facial caricaturing in shape or texture. Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena

5.12.2017. Reduction of sense of agency for speech interfaces. Philipp Stiens/Paul Winkler, Chemnitz/Jena

21.11.2017. The influence of common perceptual context on communication performance with novel codes. Thomas Müller, MPI-SHH Jena

14.11.2017. Processing of facial emotions in deaf and severely hearing-impaired individuals. Christian Dobel/Betty Slevin, Jena. plus: Data blitz on Zäske, R., Hasan, B.A.S., & Belin, P. (2017). It doesn’t matter what you say: FMRI correlates of voice learning and recognition independent of speech content. Cortex, 94, 100-112.

24.10.2017. Motion tracking, human expressive movement and music with persons with different abilities. Robert Wechsler, Weimar

17.10.2017. NOTE: 15.00 s.t.!! Initial Scheduling Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena. plus: Data blitz on Kloth, N., Rhodes, G., & Schweinberger, S.R. (2017). Watching the brain recalibrate: Neural correlates of renormalization during face adaptation. NeuroImage, 155, 1-9.

9.10.2017. JenTower 18, Seminar Room, 10.00. Pre-term talk: Attention, Distraction, and Working Memory: Adventures in the Electrophysiology of Visual Search. Paul M. Corballis, Auckland (New Zealand)

4.7.2017. ERP correlates of identity recognition: an objective marker of facial familiarity? Holger Wiese, Durham University, UK.

27.6.2017. Implicit memory for speaker and speech content of sleep-played messages. Romi Zäske, JUH Otorhinolaryngology and FSU General Psychology, Jena

20.6.2017. Metacognition in dogs. Julia Belger, Jena (tbc)

13.6.2017. Individual and intergenerational differences in the evaluation of humanoid robots. Maike Pohl, Jena

30.5.2017. A new look at the facial feedback hypothesis: encoding of faces in patients suffering from facial palsy. Christian Dobel, JUH Otorhinolaryngology, Jena

23.5.2017. Face perception and the co-domestication hypothesis. Juliane Bräuer, MPI/SHH and FSU General Psychology, Jena

17.5.2017. 18.00 (!Lecture Theatre JUH Psychiatry / Hörsaal für Psychiatrie!) Action, perception & cognition – a movement and sport psychological perspective. Rouwen Canal-Bruland, Sports Science, Jena

9.4.2017. Categorical perception effects in face recognition. Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena

2.5.2017. Finding the Unexpected in Data: Current Trends in Unsupervised Signal Analysis. Joachim Denzler, Computing Science and Michael Stifel Center Jena

25.4.2017. Data Blitz (tbc) and Project Discussion “Dissociating electrophysiological correlates of affective and cognitive empathy in individuals with autistic traits”. Stefanie Meier, Jena

18.4.2017. Categorical perception effects in face recognition. Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena

11.4.2017. No event / Team Meeting 9.00

4.4.2017. Initial Scheduling Meeting / Data Blitz on
Wiese, H., Komes, J., Tüttenberg, S., Leidinger, J., & Schweinberger, SR. (2017). Age-related differences in face recognition: Neural correlates of repetition and semantic priming in young and older adults. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, in press (advance online). Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

31.1.2017. 14.00 s.t.  (Note: Public Lecture in German: Hörsaal der Psychiatrie). Jenseits der Sprache – Soziale Kommunikation im Klang der Stimme. Sascha Frühholz, Zürich, Switzerland

24.1.2017. “Theory of mind” measures in adults: A critical discussion. Dana Schneider, Jena

17.1.2017. Selective and combined contributions of shape and reflectance information to the perception of distinctiveness, attractiveness, and sexual dimorphism of human faces. Christine Wulf, Jena

10.1.2017. Remembering „us“ versus „them“: Investigating underlying cognitive processes of the other-race effect. Marleen Stelter, Hamburg

06.12.2016. Semantic priming and the perception of pain. Thomas Weiss and Sandra Preißler, Jena

29.11.2016. Norm-based coding of personally familiar voices: Effects of anti-voice adaptation in sentence stimuli. Franziska Martin, Jena

22.11.2016. Body self-perception: Multisensory mechanisms and perceptual distortions in anorexia nervosa. Regine Zopf, Sydney, Australien

15.11.2016. Looking at the pupil. Lars Kuchinke, Berlin

08.11.2016. The social face: Impact of personal relevance on face perception. Florian Bublatzky, Mannheim

25.10.2016. Here’s looking at you?: Experience influences adults’ and children’s ability to learn new facial identities. Catherine J. Mondloch, Brooks U, Canada

18.10.2016. Initial Scheduling / Lab Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

5.7.2016. Neural correlates of intentional and nonintentional voice learning. Denise Müller, Jena

14.6.2016. Face recognition and neurodevelopmental disorders. Sarah Weigelt, Bochum

07.6.2016. Introduction to EEG-Lab /Time-Frequency Analyses. Katharina Limbach, Jena

03.6.2016. Training face recognition in poor recognizers using caricaturing. Lidiia Romanova, Jena (note that this presentation will take place at 10.00 s.t., in the Seminar Room in the JenTower, 18th floor!)

31.5.2016. Neurocognitive markers of face perception and face recognition in both healthy and (prosop)agnosic individuals (abstract as .pdf). Ela I. Olivares, Madrid, Spain

24.5.2016. Flexible goal imitation: Vicarious feedback moderates observational S-R-binding. Carina Giesen, Jena

17.5.2016. Task effects on pupil responses to differentially attractive faces. Franziska Keller and Helene Kreysa, Jena

10.5.2016. Relations between face learning skills and the use of shape and texture for the recognition of personally familiar faces. Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena

3.5.2016. Social Perception of Human Body Movement (abstract as .pdf). Bernhard Fink, Göttingen

26.4.2016. Natural Experiments in Psychology (abstract as .pdf). Olivier Morin, Jena

8.2.2016. Synchronization of Nonverbal Behaviors in Dyadic Interactions. Uwe Altmann, Jena

2.2.2016. Separating prediction error signals from repetition effects using ERPs (info as .pdf). Daniel Feuerriegel, South Australia

1.2.2016. Explicit and Implicit Judgments of Voice Attractiveness and Trustworthiness: A Pupillometry Study. Helene Kreysa, Jena

25.1.2016. Using Change Blindness to Investigate Ancestral Priorities in Attention Capture. Géza Ambrus, Jena

18.1.2016. Fast Responses in Emotional Stimulus Processing. Christian Dobel, Jena

11.1.2016. Individual Differences in Familiar Voice Recognition and Autistic Traits. Verena Skuk, Jena

14.12.2015. Psychopathology of the Social Brain: From Emotion Regulation to Empathy and Theory of Mind. Philipp Kanske, Leipzig

7.12.2015.  The Role of Human Faces in Crowdfunding Videos for the Success of the Project: An Experimental Study. Tigran Aydinyan, Jena

16.11.2015. Implicit Perception of Voices in Patients with Auditory Hemineglect. Helge Schlüter, Hildesheim/Jena

9.11.2015. Pluralism in Social Cognition (abstract as .pdf). Anika Fiebich, Bochum/Duisburg

26.10.2015. Perception of Social Information in Voices by Cochlear Implant Users (abstract as .pdf). Louisa Martina Kirchen, Luxemburg/Jena

19.11.2015. Initial Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

13.7.2015. Representation of learned faces: exemplar memory and mental averaging in good and poor face recognizers. Laura Broemer, Jena

6.7.2015. Priming effects on implicit and explicit ToM processing. Constanze Mühl, Jena

29.6.2015. In-group and out-group effects on visual perspective taking. Anne Grigutsch, Jena

22.6.2015. Person perception and its determinants in children with autism spectrum disorder (abstract as .pdf). Louise Ewing, London, UK

19.6.2015. Seeing individuals and seeing the crowd-ensemble encoding for sets of faces. Markus F. Neumann, Perth, Australia

8.6.2015. Studying face perception with adaptation paradigms. Nadine Kloth, Perth, Australia

11.5.2015. The role of alpha-oscillations in signal detection and selective attention. Katharina Limbach, Auckland, NZ/Jena

4.5.2015. Social Preference in Preschoolers: Effects of Morphological Self-similarity and Familiarity (abstract as .pdf). Nadja Richter, Jena

27.4.2015. Computational Neuroanatomy for the Analysis of Developmental and Aging Effects. Christian Gaser, Universitätsklinikum Jena

13.4.2015. Initial Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

9.2.215. Effects of caricatured shape or color on the perception of famous and unfamiliar faces. Marlena L. Itz, Jena

2.2.2015. Evaluation of a face recognition training: Interim report. Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena

26.1.2015. Acoustic cues to age perception in male and female voices. Verena G. Skuk, Jena

19.1.2015. Recognition memory for faces of average attractiveness. Carolin S. Altmann, Jena

12.1.2015. Social Cognition in dogs and apes – a comparative approach (abstract as .pdf). Juliane Breuer, Leipzig/Jena

8.12.2014. Neuroimaging of voice learning and recognition. Romi Zäske, Jena

1.12.2014. Pupil responses to attractiveness judgements (abstract as .pdf). Helene Kreysa, Luise Kessler, Jena

24.11.2014. The neurocognitive basis of belief reasoning (abstract as .pdf). Tobias Schuwerk, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

17.11.2014. Network Models of Face Processing. Prof. Dr. Andreas Jansen, Marburg

13.11.2014. Making speech tangible, flexible tools for speech communication research based on interference-free representations (abstract as pdf). Hideki Kawahara, Wakayama, Japan

10.11.2014. Perceiving and producing human affective vocalizations (abstract as .pdf). Sascha Frühholz, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Geneva, Switzerland

3.11.2014. Fractionating Theory of Mind (abstract as .pdf). Matthias Schurz,University of Salzburg, Austria

27.10.2014. Lab Meeting

20.10.2014. Initial Scheduling Meeting/Lab meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

1.7.2013. Konfigurale Verarbeitung des eigenen und eines unbekannten Gesichts bei körperdysmorpher Störung – Eine EEG Studie zum Inversionseffekt. Franziska Krahmer, Jena

24.6.2013. Pupillary responses to perceived gaze direction and facial attractiveness. Helene Kreyas, Jena

17.6.2013. Attention and automaticity in visual perceptual grouping. Gregor Volberg, Jena/Regensburg

10.6.2013. Dynamic interplay of attractiveness and typicality in face space. Stella J. Faerber, Jena

27.5.2013. Visually situated language comprehension: ERP evidence from picture-sentence verification. Pia Knoeferle, Bielefeld

13.5.2013. How many faces do people know? Rob Jenkins, York

6.5.2013. Processing of Faces and Voices during Human Communication. Helen Blank, Leipzig

29.4.2013. Own-group biases in face memory: Using ERPs to disentangle relative contributions of perceptual expertise and socio-cognitive factors. Holger Wiese, Jena

22.4.2013. No event (Week of PPRU Workshop Jena) – DFG Research Unit Person Perception: VII. Workshop, April 26-27, 2013

8.4.2013. Initial Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena 

4.2.2013. Uncommonly typical: Attractivenes biases recognition memory for faces irrespective of distinctiveness – ERP evidence. Carolin S. Altmann, Jena  

21.1.2013. Asymmetric relationships in the processing of vocal age and gender. Romi Zäske, Jena 

7.1.2013. Effects of bimodal adaptation on the perception of voice gender. Nadine Schimpf, Jena 

17.12.2012. Effects of speaker gaze on language comprehension. Helene Kreysa, Jena/Bielefeld 

10.12.2012. Combined own-age and own-race biases in face memory in elderly participants. Jessica Komes, Jena

3.12.2012. The role of attention and perspective in the valuation of risky prospects. Nathaniel Ashby, Bonn/Essex

19.11.2012. Individual differences and neuronal correlates of using internal and external features during face learning. Jan Ploetner, Jena 

12.11.2012. Pre-attentive and post-selective processing “pop-out” search tasks. Herrmann J. Müller, Munich

5.11.2012. The perceptual priming of action performance. Martin Edwards, Louvain 

15.10.2012. Initial Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

2.7.2012. Competition for processing resources between emotional stimuli and foreground task in the human brain. Matthias M. Müller, Leipzig

25.6.2012. Sex-specific differences in sound duration and perceived tempo. Adrian Simpson and Melanie Weirich, Institit für Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft, Jena

11.6.2012. On why N250 is not related to face learning. Holger Wiese, Jena 

4.6.2012. Retrieving contextual information about familiar names: Neural correlates of person-related source memory. Jessika Komes, Jena 

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7.5.2012. The influence of action on perception in stroke and the influence of faces on saccadic programming. Monika Harvey, Glasgow 

23.4.2012. DFG Evaluation: Research Unit Person Perception. PPRU Principal Investigators 

16.4.2012. Initial Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena 

30.1.2012. Intra-Subject Variability in Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Specifying the Phenotype and its Electrocortical Correlates. Christoph Klein, Bangor/Freiburg 

23.1.2012. Saccade- and fixation-locked analysis of EEG data during active vision. Olaf Dimigen, Berlin 

16.1.2012. The influence of caricatured shape and texture on the acquisition of new face representations. Marlena Itz, Jena

19.12.2011. Familiar voice identification. Verena G. Skuk, Jena 

12.12.2011. Recovering shape and metric object properties through spatiotemporal interpolation: What effects seeing an object that is never present in the stimulus? Tandra Ghose, Kaiserslautern 

5.12.2011. Priming and adaptation in familiar face perception. Christian Walther, Jena/Regensburg

28.11.2011. Identity averaging in famous face sets. Markus Neumann, Jena 

21.11.2011. On the fast acquisition of novel information and its neural correlates. Christian Dobel, Münster 

14.11.2011. The own-gender bias in face recognition memory. Nicole Wolff, Jena 

7.11.2011. Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand – Wahrnehmungsprozesse bei Körperdysmorpher Störung. Viktoria Ritter, Frankfurt/Erfurt

17.10.2011. Initial Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

4.7.2011. Evolutionäre Ästhetik und Autonomie der Kunst. Christian Ilies, Bamberg 

 14.6.2011. Individual differences in episodic memory. Grit Herzmann, Boulder, Colorado, USA 

6.6.2011. Determinants of children’s face processing. Gudrun Schwarzer, Giessen 

30.5.2011. Aspects of Colour Perception. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena 

19.5.2011. III. Workshop on Person Perception. Various Presenters 

16.5.2011. Vögel und Emotionen: Active Appearance Models zur Analyse komplexer Bewegungen. Joachim Denzler, Jena

9.5.2011. The Aims and Work of “Kleinkindforschung in Thüringen” at the University of Erfurt. David Buttelmann, Erfurt

2.5.2011. ´Die schönen Dinge zeigen an, dass der Mensch in die Welt passe´ – Ein Darwin´scher Blick auf die Kant´sche Idee. Eckardt Volandt, Gießen 

11.4.2011. Neue Entwicklungen einer Psychologischen Ästhetik. Helmut Leder, Wien 

31.1.2011. The own-age bias in more fine grained age groups. Nicole Wolff, Jena 

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10.1.2011. Aspects of color perception. Stefan R. Schweinberger 

6.12.2010. Face identification in natural scenes. Markus Bindemann, Kent, UK 

22.11.2010. Zeitvariante Methoden der EEG(EP) Konnektivitäts- und Synchronisationsanalyse. Herbert Witte, Jena

8.11.2010. The role of average representations in face processing. Markus F. Neumann, Jena

1.11.2010. The role of attention in perceiving social information: Behavioral and electrophysiological studies. Tarik N. Mohamed, Jena

25.10.2010. Initial meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger 

12.7.2010. Finding people in natural scenes. Markus Bindemann, University of Essex, UK 

28.6.2010. Enhancing spatial distinctiveness in faces: A potential first step towards treating prosopagnosia? Jürgen Kaufmann, Jena

21.6.2010. Inverse mapping the neuronal correlates of face categorizations. Marie L. Smith, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK

14.6.2010. Perceptual adaptation to vocal age. Romi Zäske, Jena 

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10.5.2010. Age and ageing in face perception and memory: Initial findings. Holger Wiese, Jena 

3.5.2010. Selective visual attention: Are deaf individuals more susceptible to face and object distractors in the periphery? Nadine Hauthal, Jena 

26.4.2010. Neuronal correlates of auditory adaptation to speaker identity. Christian Walther, Jena

1.2.2010. Neuronal Correlates of Audiotactile Illusions — an fMRI Study. Steffi Schuldt, Magdeburg 

25.1.2010. Processing Facial Age. Holger Wiese, Jena

30.11.2009. Body in Mind – Die Wahrnehmung des eigenen Körpers. Michael Schäfer, Magdeburg

23.11.2009. Voice Aftereffects of Adaptation to Speaker Identity. Romi Zäske, Jena

16.11.2009. Team Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

19.10.2009. The role of eyes and configuration in face perception and learning assessed by eye movement monitoring. Roxane J. Itier, Waterloo, CA

23.9.2009. Exploratory research tools for speech perception: TANDEM-STRAIGHT, morphing and new GUI. Hideki Kawahara, Wakayama, JP

Available Abstracts as .pdf

16.2.2006. Brain activation to threat-related stimuli. Thomas Straube, Jena

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3.11.2005. Initial Meeting. Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena